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Tarragon Theatre – Carole Fréchette’s John and Beatrice

The Arts2007-11-9By: Classical Staff

by Paula Citron

Carole Fréchette is one of Quebec’s leading playwrights. John and Beatrice, the fourth John Murell translation of one of her plays, is now at the Tarragon. It is absolutely intriguing and masterfully performed and directed.

Fréchette’s premise is practically subversive. The rich heiress Beatrice, played by Caroline Cave, puts up notices on lamp posts, offering a substantial award to any man who can interest her, move her and seduce her in that order – the three tests they must undergo to win the big bucks. Enter Rick Roberts as the money-loving bounty hunter John in search of the reward.

What follows is a riveting encounter that explores the very nature of the meaning of love. It is also a damning assessment of 21st century narcissism and relationships. All the Hollywood romantic ideals are skewered in the process and what is the truth of the human heart is laid bare.

John and Beatrice continues until Mar. 24.

From the Tarragon Extra Space, I’m Paula Citron, arts reviewer for CLASSICAL 96.3 FM.


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