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Integrated Dance Artists Collective – side [a]ffects

The Arts2007-11-20By: Classical Staff

by Paula Citron

Integrated Dance Artists Collective was founded in 2001 by Ryerson grads, and the present company includes founding members Shannon Litzenberger and Tal Aronson, Elizabeth Kmiec, Andrea Spaziani and Lauren Cook.

Their concert called side [a]ffects expressed the goal of the collective which is not the act of mounting a show per se, but evolving as artists through working with important choreographers.

There were two world premieres on the program. Sculpting Time is what one would expect from David Earle, that grand master of lyricism and control. In Daryl Tracy’s plucking wild flowers, each dancer was a different type of woman, but unfortunately, Tracy couldn’t rise above stereotypes.

Heidi Strauss’ excellent missing (2006) refers to friendship circles, and the times we willing opt out, or are deliberately cut out. Daryl Hoskins’ The Left Seed (1992) is a gorgeous solo performed by Litzenberger set to a traditional Sephardic song. The furious choreography is a celebration of both sensuality and survival.

From the Winchester Street Theatre, I’m Paula Citron, arts reviewer for CLASSICAL 96.3 FM.


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