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Conscientious Alzheimer’s

Health2007-11-15By: Libby Znaimer

Are you conscientious and self-disciplined? Do you lead a clean life? If not, here’s a good reason to try harder. People who fit that profile are a lot less likely to develop Alzheimer’s Disease. This, according to a study from the University Medical Centre in Chicago. Dr. Robert Wilson conducted long-running research on 1,000 of catholic nuns, priests, and brothers

“Clergy members would be more comfortable considering their own mortality and more used to being more altruistic, and volunteering their time for the betterment of others.”

Over the 12 years of the study, 176 participants developed the disease, and they tended to be those who were less conscientious. The subjects who said they were dependable, hard-working, and kept their belongings neat & clean had a much lower risk of developing Dementia.


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