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The New Classical FM Pet of the Week: Caleb the 4-year-old male dog

Station Blog2018-7-23By: Classical Staff

One thousand and two … gaaah… one thousand and three…

Oh… Hi. Caleb didn’t see you there. He was just doing his workout. Tuesdays are arms and back. Dunno if you heard him counting, but he did over a thousand.

Caleb’s a hunk. A studly stud muffin. A dreamboat. A beefcake and a half. He knows looks can only take him so far. But he’s not worried. Why? Cause he has an amazing personality, that’s why. He loves people. Like, loves them. He is so sociable, bubbly and playful. He loves giving out all the smiles, hellos and hugs. He’s like Buddy the Elf. Without the tights. If he had the time, he’d run around giving EVERY human a big slobbery kiss!

No offense to Torontonians, this isn’t his favourite city. It’s been cooling hanging out here at Toronto Humane Society, but he’s ready to leave now. Somewhere in the country with lots of space and, ahem, fewer dogs.

For more information on Caleb, visit his profile here, www.torontohumanesociety.com/adopt-a-pet/dogs/37320906, visit Toronto Humane Society’s location, or contact them at [email protected].


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