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The New Classical FM Pet of the Week: 4-year-old Odie has spent most of his life in the shelter and has asked Santa for one thing above all else

Station Blog2018-12-20By: Classical Staff

Dear Santa,

My name is Odie and I have been a very good boy this year. I even got a special certificate for being good. When you come to visit me you will see it outside my room. I am very proud of it because it means I have been getting more gooder. Soon I will be the goodest boy and you will give me all the presents. Right?


Sometimes being good is hard. Sometimes I become anxious and sad. But my humans are so nice to me and they do not give up. I love them.

This year for Christmas I want a chewy bone and some rope toys and some treats. I also want a special stuffy and a brand new, super-duper comfy bed so that my naps are the best naps. I love to nap. I know you do not nap because of all gifts you have to give.

But what I really want is a family. Can I please have a family? My other dog friends found their families and are gone now. I have still not found mine. If my family is out there, can you please tell them I am ready for them to get me? I will be extra good because I have my certificate.

Thank you and luv you,



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