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Diesel Playhouse/Best of the Fringe – Shehori Brothers’ One Woman Show

The Arts2008-7-25By: Classical Staff

Paula Citron
One Woman Show
Diesel Playhouse/Best of the Fringe Written by
Directed by Daniel and Steven Shehori and Marco Timpano
Starring Marco Timpano
At the Diesel Playhouse

One Woman Show, another hit from the Fringe Festival, was part of the Diesel Playhouse’s Best of the Fringe. The production is the brain-child of comedy writers Daniel and Steven Shehori and Marco Timpano.

This production is a very clever idea that doesn’t quite make it in translation to the stage. The very straight guy’s guy Timpano portrays Eileen Louise Kennedy, a supposed female actor who has a string of solo shows to her credit.

The idea of a man spouting the intimate secrets of a woman without any female mannerisms is a brilliant conceit. It places her words about PMS, the Fat Pass and Cosmo magazine into an entirely different context. As a woman listening to Eileen’s monologue, I felt a real sense of recognition coupled with a squeamish feeling that men could delve into the feminist mystique with such effrontery.

The major problem is Timpano. He is just not a smooth enough actor to carry this off.


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