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Anne of Green Gables

With Marilyn Lightstone


“Marilyn Lightstone Reads Anne of Green Gables”… the third book in our new podcast series “Marilyn Lightstone Reads” featuring the great Canadian actress, artist, voice of our station, and host of Nocturne! Marilyn has many credits to her name – but she is particularly beloved around the world for her role as the compassionate and inspiring teacher Ms. Muriel Stacey in Anne of Green Gables and Road to Avonlea. Now, Marilyn will bring all of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s characters to life in this dramatic reading exclusively from the Zoomer Podcast Network. New episodes will be released every Monday & Thursday!

Anne of Green Gables: Chapter 1
Anne of Green Gables: Chapter 2
Anne of Green Gables: Chapters 3 – 5
Anne of Green Gables: Chapters 6 – 8
Anne of Green Gables: Chapters 9 – 10
Anne of Green Gables: Chapters 11 – 13
Anne of Green Gables: Chapter 14




“SO excited for this series!!! I love Marilyn and I love Ann (with an “E”) Such a perfect pairing” – Laura, Calgary

“Thank you so much!  Love love love this podcast!  One of my favourite books, even more exciting with Marilyn‘s many voices!!!!” – Nancy, Toronto

“Just fabulous. Thank you, Marilyn.” – Juliana, Brampton

“Love that I can download it while at work, and listen to it ANYWHERE afterwards :)” – James, Toronto

“She has that perfect voice for reading out loud.” – Cat, Toronto

“For years I would hear Marilyn on the radio in the evening and always thought how much she sounded like a familiar old friend, now I realize why!” – Colby, Toronto

“Should have the kids listen.” – Mandy, Toronto

“Thank you for your exceptional show — and for making Christmas particularly special with your podcast reading of “A Christmas Carol.” 96.3 FM makes everything better!” – Alexia, Saas-Fee, Switzerland

“I am a loyal listener of your night radio program Nocturne. I wrote an email to you 5 years ago about how I love the program. Yes, I am still loving it and it becomes part of my life especially during this stressful year. Every night with your euphonious voice coming from radio, it is like a kindred friend sitting beside you – you feel what I feel, laugh what I laugh through those masters of music and poems. That feeling is wonderful.”

“The reason that urges me to write you again is Marilyn Lightstone Reads. It’s really a surprise gift in this dreary year. I am always thinking that it would be great if you are in some reading programs (I have been listening to BBC radio programs for a long time). Now it came. When I heard the announcement – Jane Eyre, I promptly took out the book from the back of my bookshelf. When I opened the book, I saw it was marked bought in 1991. On the book margin of the chapter one and two, there are notes for those words I did not know. And from chapter three forward there are no notes any more. I gathered the book is difficult for me to finish by then (quite a shame I haven’t touched the book ever since, though the 1970’s movie version by George C. Scott and Susannah York is my favourite). So I followed your Reads while reading the book. Like the announcement said, you are not just reading, you are acting. You even sing out the song Bessie sang – that’s lovely. Accompanied by your Reads the book is not difficult any more. Though there are still words I don’t know on each page, I can get the meaning with your voice interpretation. I was so engaged in each episode that I could not wait for the next one. I was glad that the Reads updating changed from 2 to 3 times each week. When all episodes ended, I had an impulse to write to you about how I enjoy your Reads and the book but hesitated due to my inadequate English writing.With the second Reads A Christmas Carol ending, I finally got up my courage to write to you because this is the only way to express my gratitude. I just want to let you know that there is this one listener behind the scenes who deeply appreciates your dedication for bringing those masterpieces to life and enjoys your artistic presentation. You make each day wonderful and promising. Thank you Marilyn!” – Carrie, Toronto

“Thank you Marilyn …I wrote at the beginning of the podcast and now at the end….What a wonderful book I have revisited with you since GCE/high school, UK. (late 50’s).  Loved the book all over again. How wonderfully written and well read by you. – Yvonne, Toronto”

“Please read every word because I mean every single word. Your Xmas Carol podcast is stupendous. I listen to lots of audio books and yours is by far by far the best reading I have ever heard. Your voice [well, I have always been a fan] appears to travel through many octaves and your intelligence and talent informs every word that you speak. Dickens will be beaming in his grave! You’ve made him even better than he is.Truly brilliant! I was blown over and hung on every word and characterization. I will possibly never forgive you if you don’t carry on producing as many more as you possibly can. I hope I’ve managed to convey how thrilled I was when I embarked on listening, and instantly realized that I was in for a major feast. You are one talented woman!!” – Edie, London, England

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