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Sleep Catch-up

Zoomer Report2018-6-1By: Libby Znaimer

Here’s good news if you don’t get enough sleep during the week. Previous studies have shown that people who sleep less than 5 hours a night have a higher risk of death. They have also suggested that catching up on sleep on the weekend won’t help with that deficit. Now a study in the Journal of Sleep Research is challenging that view.

Researchers from Stockholm University and the Karolinska Institute in Sweden analyzed data on nearly 44,000 people who were followed for 13 years .Not surprisingly, those who slept 5 hours or less on each weekend day were 52% more likely to have died than those who got 7 hours of sleep on each weekend day. But interestingly, those who had less sleep on weekdays but 7 hours per weekend day did not have a higher risk of death than those who had 7 hours of sleep each and every day. Which suggests that catching up on your sleep can improve your health.


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